Spirrs Product WATCH: KicPocket

At the NSCAA just last month, I had the great opportunity to meet up with Josh Gaudin, founder of One v One Sports and creator of the KicPocket. Seeing the need for a training equipment that helped children learn and practice necessary skills, Josh and his company looked to create a product that would allow players to continuously practice their fundamental technique through uninterrupted repetition. Through a carefully crafted and innovative design process they created the simple “Pass Return System”.

About the Company:
We started One V One Sports with you the player in mind. Growing up playing soccer our whole lives, we wanted to find a better approach to practice our passing, shooting and general soccer skills. With the KicPocket, soccer players can now work on all areas of their soccer skills without chasing down soccer balls all over the yard and driveway. Started in Florida and now based in Augusta, GA, One V One Sports is dedicated to manufacturing and selling only durable, long lasting products that help athletes fine tune their skills.

Stayed tuned for One v One Sports new line of products as their dedication to youth training and skill development drives the company’s creative direction.

The Spirrs Team is a Proud Supporter of new innovative products and services that have visionary goals of improving players, parents, coaches and the games as we know it.

Discover What’s out there. Inform Yourself. Inform Others. Contribute to… Passing the Word Around. TM

For More Information on the KicPocket Please Visit KicPocket.com

To See the KicPocket in Action or See KicPocket Drill Click HERE.

What do you think of the KicPocket? Please leave your comments, questions, concerns and opinions about this product below. Get the conversation started and keep the ball rolling… Let us know what you think!

Keys to Coaching: The Trusty Notepad

Since the time I was old enough to write my dad always encouraged me to keep a journal. As a reluctant child that didn’t quite enjoy reading or writing, my journals were often filled with “Today, I woke up and did…” capped off with the usual “I had a good day.” Not the deepest introspection coming from a child, and I have to admit those entries looked pretty similar until I was a teenager, and there after the entries just stopped all together. Although the journal came to a stop, the life lesson remained, and form that time I realized the epic importance of recording, note taking, observation, and reflection. The notion of collecting everyday information whether it be trial or highly focused became something that would help me success at all levels of playing, coaching, and in business.

So, what does this have to do with Coaching?

Surely, we can relate to this as coaches. From the wonderfully constructed and perfectly executed training sessions, to the poorly managed and trivial practices we’ve “facilitated”, yes we’ve all done it… I am sure I am not the only one that wishes we could recall the times that we’ve really learned something. Imagine how much coaching material, experiences, stories and coaching points you would have if you only wrote them down when they occurred?

Since I started coaching when I was 17 years old, I had this lingering voice in my head that the coaching sessions I was producing and the experiences with players, parents, other coaching and fans, should be some how documented for future use. At the time I wasn’t sure how or when I would be able to use these so called “memories” or “recollections”, but now I know they are worth whole lot when addressing players, parents, and my own thoughts.

So, a couple things I took away from this life lesson of my father persistently telling me to write a diary, and that I now cherish and absolutely need as a young professional:

  • You learn from success and mistakes, so write the down.
  • You’re going to have great ideas, so write them down.
  • You won’t need it now, but you sure will later on, so write them down
  • You won’t remember everything, so write them down.

Most of all, writing experience will mentally document them far more efficiently that just saying I will remember something. It reinforces and mentally ingrains thoughts and feeling into our memories for later use.


  1. Keep it simple, so its easy to do
  2. Jot simple facts as to Why it worked and why it didn’t
  3. Any idea that comes to mind in that situation

So, if you are a true student of the game, student of your players and parents, and a developing coach or parent, keep a tab on your thoughts and activities. You’ll be surprise when you’ll need to refer to them later and you’ll certainly be surprised the great ideas that will grow from a simple note.

Spirrs Network Gearing up For 2011′s NSCAA Convention

Spirrs Team will attending the 2011 National Soccer Coaches Association of America’s Annual Convention. After being on the road and missing the last 2 yearly gathering of coaches from around the world, we are proud to be back on track with the latest in Soccer Development. This years convention is held in Baltimore’s Convention Center in Downtown’s Inner Harbor.

Aside from the coaching seminars, demonstrations, lectures and meetings, I am excited for what is claimed to be the Soccer’s largest Trade Show. In the past the NSCAA’s exhibitor hall would be compiled of company’s from across soccer’s many markets, and it seems to be growing every year with big companies expanding and getting larger, and small start-ups making there market debut. The Spirrs Team will focus on featuring and shedding light on all the main stay companies in the industry and the up and coming new arrivals. Please stay tuned for the most exciting new products the world has to offer.

If you or your company is attending the NSCAA Convention, Please contact the Spirrs Team so that we Highlight your new products! The Spirrs Team is a proud supporter of new innovative products and the people who make them possible.

Contact the Spirrs Team today, we will visit your booth more meet you personally to Feature Your Company and your Products!

Professional Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer by MySoccerGuide

Newest Player in the field of Individual Development, Youth Training and Parent Coaching .

MySoccerGuide Powered by Matt Avellino Enterprises is proud to present it’s newest Soccer training series. This innovative training method bring together progressive, step-by-step process for players, parents and coaches to systematically improve skills, tactic and physical fitness. The Spirrs Network is proud to announce the long awaited launch of MySoccerGuide: The Professional Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer.

What’s All the BUZZ behind the Training?

The highly motivating book was written for hard-working players trying to improve their game, dedicated parents looking to help their child practice at home, and volunteer coaches that are interested in becoming more knowledgeable in soccer and improving their team.

The book uses verbal descriptions, hand-made diagrams, and home videos to fully demonstrate every drill and technique of The 10 Stage Progressional Training Program. This training program begins with young players and systematically takes them through 10 stages of soccer development. It is a progressional training program because the players must learn the basic drills first in order to build on them and perform the more advanced drills. These stages are not only described to players, coaches, and parents through words, diagrams, and videos; the age specifications of each stage are included, in addition to every skill used during a game. All guesswork is taken out of the equation! Players who complete The 10 Stage Progressional Training Program will be playing soccer with technical mastery, tactical precision, and a high level of fitness.

SPIRReview and Who’s the Man behind the Method?

The author of this book, Matt Avellino is neither a professional author nor a professional publisher. He is a professional soccer player and coach. His specialty isn’t hidden in something he is not. The language used and the instructions demonstrated makes the series easy to understand and easy to use. The series is set up in a way very similar to how coaches speak to players or parents speak to children. It is down to earth and it gets to the point without confusing terminology or overly complicated training patterns. It gets the right information to it’s audience directly without complication. The series is direct and effective for players, parents and coaches to follow, as the valuable information can be used and implemented as soon as they leave the computer. I enjoyed the videos included. They depicted highly dedicated players with various skill levels, which is very motivating for anyone watching them. Overall, the instructions, videos and 10 step process easily breaks down the most essential parts of improving ones technical, tactical and physical ability as a soccer player.

For more information on The Professional Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer Please Check out MySoccerGuide’s Website at www.mysoccerguide.com

To Learn more about each of the 10 Step Developmental Method Click on the links below.

The Spirrs Network is a proud supporter of the MySoccerGuide in it’s pursuit to develop youth players across the country and around the world.

The Winning Formula

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at this book or these set of tapes, you really have to find some time to do so. Really some remarkable information gathered from soccer’s history, cultivated and presents in the most direct and compelling way. This set of informational tapes not only sums up decades of soccer evolution and depicts the changing trend in soccer of the years, it also set the tone of the rapidly growing game in an era when soccer instruction seemed so indifferent. Truly, a break through in its time, providing the soccer world with invaluable technical and tactic instruction.

When I was in middle school, I remember when my father first brought home the set of VHS tapes and the book. Then, he often bought a lot of soccer material. Every week, I could expect a different package with books, tapes, or equipment to arrive in the mail. Exciting times for a kid who was always curious about new books, toys and things to watch. Anyway, I would watch these particular tapes and browse through the book meticulously taking notes on what I thought would be most useful to me at the time. Not the most typical thing to do during lunch time in the cafeteria at that age, but nonetheless it was fun and really helpful.

I would suggest certainly taking a look at this before you get any other newer tactical or positional DvD or book out there, because I think it truly sets a educational standard on what kinds of materials should and should not exist on the market. Although the series was created a couple decades ago, it still provides information that holds true to the game. Perhaps an updated Winning Formula is due? I’ll be waiting.

Tell Us what you think of the series. Leave comments for all or email Us here.

Below are links for each DvD in the series.
Soccer Winning Formula: Defending To Win DVD
Soccer Winning Formula: Scoring DVD
Soccer Winning Formula: Goalkeeping DVD
Soccer Winning Formula: Direct Play DVD
Soccer Winning Formula: Winning The Advantage DVD

And it you want to check out the book, click below.
The Winning Formula: Soccer Skills and Tactics
The Winning Formula: The Football Association Soccer Skills and Tactics

Coerver Goal 1-2-3

Does “Goal 1-2-3″ resonate any fond memories for anyone? Or do you even recognize this title? I mean we see the words and combinations thereof in almost every soccer product and DvD out there, but this particular title comes from a very popular green cassette box released in 1989. Have you figured it out yet?
If your thinking the first set of training tapes by Wiel Coerver, you are right on. Yes, “Coerver” of Coerver Coaching. Now, world famous for his intuitive training method and his magnificent contribution to technical development, he and his team has expanded far from the realms of just a video and a book.
I have to say I really grew up on these sets of videos. Although then, with the limitations of technology and having to maneuver a VHS cassette deck to view area of interest on a video that had slow motion technology at best was a bit cumbersome, I did survive. I took notes and drew out little diagrams to remember technical moves and combination of more advanced skills. It was fun. I remember spending long hours rewinding, fast forwarding, slowing down and recording all the different little moves that I would later take on a small note pad to the park.
What a great set of technical instruction. This is one of the classics that leaves its marks on soccer’s establishing history of skills training and technical development. So, a great big thanks to this series’ contribution to my own development and I hope it continues to reach developing players throughout the world, inspiring them to be empowered by the great resources available.
More on Coerver Coaching, Training method, and skills development in later post. As for now, like many of the initial post. Cheers and special thanks. Stay tuned for more on everything Coerver.
If you want to get more information please visit Coerver Coachings Official website Here. Or, if you would like test the Coerver training method for a Free 30 day access, Click 30 day Pass.