Spirrs Product WATCH: KicPocket


At the NSCAA just last month, I had the great opportunity to meet up with Josh Gaudin, founder of One v One Sports and creator of the KicPocket. Seeing the need for a training equipment that helped children learn and practice necessary skills, Josh and his company looked to create a product that would allow players to continuously practice their fundamental technique through … [Read more...]

Keys to Coaching: The Trusty Notepad


Since the time I was old enough to write my dad always encouraged me to keep a journal. As a reluctant child that didn't quite enjoy reading or writing, my journals were often filled with "Today, I woke up and did..." capped off with the usual "I had a good day." Not the deepest introspection coming from a child, and I have to admit those entries looked pretty similar until I … [Read more...]

Spirrs Network Gearing up For 2011′s NSCAA Convention

Spirrs Team will attending the 2011 National Soccer Coaches Association of America's Annual Convention. After being on the road and missing the last 2 yearly gathering of coaches from around the world, we are proud to be back on track with the latest in Soccer Development. This years convention is held in Baltimore's Convention Center in Downtown's Inner Harbor. Aside from the … [Read more...]

Professional Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer by MySoccerGuide


Newest Player in the field of Individual Development, Youth Training and Parent Coaching . MySoccerGuide Powered by Matt Avellino Enterprises is proud to present it's newest Soccer training series. This innovative training method bring together progressive, step-by-step process for players, parents and coaches to systematically improve skills, tactic and physical fitness. … [Read more...]

The Winning Formula


If you haven't had a chance to take a look at this book or these set of tapes, you really have to find some time to do so. Really some remarkable information gathered from soccer's history, cultivated and presents in the most direct and compelling way. This set of informational tapes not only sums up decades of soccer evolution and depicts the changing trend in soccer of the … [Read more...]

Coerver Goal 1-2-3

Does "Goal 1-2-3" resonate any fond memories for anyone? Or do you even recognize this title? I mean we see the words and combinations thereof in almost every soccer product and DvD out there, but this particular title comes from a very popular green cassette box released in 1989. Have you figured it out yet? If your thinking the first set of training tapes by Wiel Coerver, … [Read more...]