Official Opening of Drop in Center and Payatas FC 1st Year Anniversary


This is the exciting update for the Fair Play for All Foundation. Just a couple months ago, the foundation celebrated their one year anniversary. The celebration included the long awaited official opening of the new drop in center located in the heart of Payatas and home to Payatas FC and the FFA. I was honored to be given the opportunity to experience and be apart of the … [Read more...] – Lexton Moy on Azkals’ steep climb in Nepal


by LEXTON MOY Posted on 03/29/2012 12:42 PM Source: In February of 2011, the Philippine National Football team started their quest to conquer the 2012 Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup.What was once glorious dreams of making it to the actual tournament held this year in Nepal were met with … [Read more...]

Back From Another Country to Reunite with Club

After a long trip to Dubai and Qatar with the National Team, we returned to the Philippines to rejoin our clubs efforts in taking on the UFL League. Jason Sabio, Joshua Beloya and myself landed late Friday night with a couple things on our minds. With a 8 hour flight behind us, the main focus was rest and recuperation, but more importantly we had a very crucial Kaya FC match to … [Read more...]

Falling Short of a Turn Around Rematch


In the 2011 UFL Cup, Kaya FC faced Loyala Meralco Sparks in the Cup Semifinals for the first time since the revival of the UFL. With each team riding high on the wave of the football boom in the Philippines and recruiting big named players to the league, both have ramped up for the intense competition. Up until the semifinal rounds, the Loyola-Kaya match-up was one of the most … [Read more...]

Kaya-Archer Match-up on the Eve of Chinese New Year


Yesterday marked the eve of Chinese New Year. As the day approached, I continued the tradition of cleaning the house and preparing for the New Year. With our Kaya FC vs Green Archers match to focus for, I was in the midst of thinking about family and home, and New Year preparations with the big game in the back of my mind. In many ways, the turn of the new year, really gave me … [Read more...]