Spirrs Product WATCH: Hi-Pod

Over last few decades, we have seen some pretty awesome products and some very innovative technology that has truly changed the game as we know it.  As technology advances and the level of play raises, competition in and around the game opens new doors to a lot of different markets and new businesses.  At the NSCAA Convention I had the great pleasure of catching up with Rick Morales, Inventor and Founder of the HI-Pod, the uniquely robust and dynamic game video capturing system.

Often time we see shaky home-made videos of games that only capture a fraction of the game, or videos of matches where the ball, run of play and players are disconnected or segmented. As college recruiting and game analysis become a higher demand for developing players and teams of all levels, capturing adequate footage become the bigger problem. Even expensive cameras and a camera crew at ground level won’t ensure the best footage needed in terms of capturing most of the field, distant players and the ball in play. Rick’s new Hi-Pod system, as he explains solves the ultimate problem of aerial video capturing. His fully equipment HD video capturing system sores 30 feet into the air and is controlled from the handy monitor located a the base that makes recording a game focused, easy and reliable. Say “Good-Bye” to listening to goal celebrations and “Elevate” your video-recording to new heights.

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Check Out Hi-pod.com for more Information.

To see the Hi-pod in action Click Here.