RBB Rebuild Middletown: Marathon Result

This past weekend Cooper and I finished the Newport Marathon that took place in Newport Rhode Island. I finished just under my target time of 4 hours crossing the finish in 3:48:52. Cooper also finished under her target time of 3 hours and 40 mins with an exciting women’s overall first place finish breaking the […]

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Where it all Began

Having retired from playing professionally in 2013, the game hasn’t ventured far from my vicinity. Between coaching two youth travel teams, the game remains a constant reminder of where it began. Although developing young aspiring players give me thrill of playing, there is nothing like knocking the ball around, getting a sweat in and playing with quality […]


Philippines vs Hong Kong: Another Page in the Story

I was born to a Chinese father and a Filipino mother. I was raised in Chinatown New York City, in a predominantly Chinese household alongside my older sister and my Chinese grandparents. Chinese culture and traditions have been prevalent themes in my life and expressing myself through the use of both Chinese and English has […]


It’s Not the Number on Shirt but what the Shirt Represents

Over the last year, I have played for 2 very important teams that would change my life forever. It has always been a special part of any player’s dream to bare his or her name on the back of a jersey. From the first jersey a player receives when they were a young child to […]

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