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This weekend we had a chance to connect with a special brand with the newest inspirations out of Philadelphia. We often see fashion and design motivated by daily life or love, and in this day in age common interest and the shared passion amongst young urban professionals have created an even larger source of inspiration. Creator and founder, Ebun of Live Breathe Futbol,  gives us insight on the story behind his new urban clothing brand, that mixes city, culture, and love of the game that we know. Follow Ebun and his brand as he takes us into the inspiration that drives LIVE, BREATHE, FUTBOL.

What is LBF?

LBF stands for LIVE BREATHE FUTBOL. The brand is founded by a futbol fanatic who decided to mesh his passion for design and futbol by creating a line of clothing that captures the very best moments in futbol. The brand embodies the fact that you can get a game of futbol going anytime and anywhere as long as you have a ball handy.

Who is the creator and what is his vision?

My name is Ebun and I’m currently an architecture major at Temple University. My vision for LBF was to create a brand that embodies living and breathing futbol. The passion that people have for the game all over the world is incredible and I want to showcase this through the clothing. As the creator of Live Breathe Futbol (LBF) the game has been a major part of my life growing up. The brand is fusion of my two passions: designing clothing and playing futbol. I realized right after I designed the first LBF shirt how many people across the world could relate to those three words.

How did the brand start?

The brand started in Philadelphia, PA. I had been painting Tshirts with my favorite futbol stars for the longest time. One day I was in a class and I was sketching a t-shirt in my sketchbook with the words “Live Breathe Futbol” on it. I printed up a few dozen, all my friends loved it and the brand was unofficially born from that.

What’s the brands mission?

LBF’s mission is to provide futbol fans with clothing that embodies the passion they have for the beautiful game. The clothing will also capture the incredible moments that we talk about long after the games are over.

How do you see the brand now and in the future?

I see the brand now on the up-swing. It’s sort of in a phase where there is a novelty about it. The shirts aren’t mass produced and once certain designs are sold out, they are gone for a while. In the future, I hope to expand into more articles of clothing while retaining the core message of the brand. Ultimately, I want LBF to be the brand one thinks of when they think of brands that truly embody the meaning of futbol.

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