TOMS Shoes putting thing into per’SPEC’tive

After the TOMS “One Day Without Shoes” Event I felt the strong urge  to check out what really goes on behind the company’s motto of “One For One.” A couple weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a very special organization. Along side the dedicated LBC Foundation, we headed to Maricaban in Pasay City, home to the SPECS Foundation. The company’s name spells out their devotion to the Spiritual, Physical, Educational, Cultural, and Social needs of underprivileged children.

It was such a treat knowing that a selected group of kids in the foundation would be receiving new TOMS Shoes.  The excitement filled the room as cheerful kids taught me songs and pastimes. It was a learning experience for an old soul to reconnect with the simple joy of hand games and rhymes. The fun and amusement seemed endless as variations of simple games transformed into challenging and entertaining competitions. It was great to see the kids smile and laugh as I struggled to keep up with them.
When it was time to hand out the shoes, there was an overwhelming sense of joy, as we knew these kids wouldn’t have to go barefoot for months and years to come. What is a common misunderstanding with TOMS “One for One” motto, is that the children only get one pair of shoes. In reality, the selection process identifies those in need and shoes are provided every 8 months, so that the child continuously receives footwear to accommodate their growing feet.   So, the feeling of security and consistency of TOMS was truly present when we assisted in the shoe give. It gave us a peace of mind, that something we often take for granted like shoes, would be provided to a child in need as a commonality, normality and an essential piece of healthy living.I want to thank the SPECS Foundation for warmly welcoming us on such a significant day for their kids, and commemorate them for the tremendous job they do for their community. I also want to thank the LBC Foundation for bringing us to the shoe give and giving us the chance to partake in serving a community through TOMS Shoes.

For more information on the SPECS foundation please contact Sandra M. Camesa.

For more information on the LBC Foundation please visit their Facebook page

Inspired by TOMS Shoes, that afternoon I headed over to Nothing but H20 to buy my very first pair. It was an emotional day. The significance of TOMS and being able to experience a shoe give was the highlight of this experience. To know and see first hand what I had purchased had directly put a shoe on a child’s foot and a smile on their face was an incredible sensation. Check out my NEW kicks.


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